Saturday, July 2, 2011

Georgian Bay

The bouldering at Halfway Log Dump is pretty cool, but what really makes it a great destination is its location. The shoreline around some of the boulders is comprised of these large rock shelves that extend into the water and then just drop off. Throw some large boulders on the shelves you end up with an amazing place to scramble around and jump into deep water. Here is my brother Roman exercising his cannonball skills.

I can't stress enough how awesome the waters of Georgian Bay are. Clean, clear and absolutely beautiful. You can see Kristal here finishing off her dive under water.

The water is a bit chilly, but as long as it's reasonable warm and sunny out, it's not too bad. Roman and his girlfriend Dominique joined us for our last two days there, and thankfully the weather cleared and gave us some good conditions for enjoying the water. Here they are soaking in the sun.

They also grilled up an amazing dinner for us one night.

It was also fun tootling around the lake on the tube we brought, an essential item for this place in my opinion.

It also makes a great viewing platform. Here is Kristal climbing Loggerhead Shrike V0-, as seen from out in the lake.

Sadly our time on the Bruce Peninsula has come to an end. Up next we will be making our way out to the east coast to see what the Maritime provinces have to offer. Hopefully we will get to play in some more water.


  1. OMG Jason what do you have on your feet?

  2. Vibram Five Fingers. Google will tell you the rest.