Thursday, March 25, 2010

Welcome to our Adventure!

Last fall Kristal and I started discussing the possibility of going on a year long climbing adventure. Throughout the summer and fall we had been on several road trips together (through the Adirondacks, New England, Bruce Peninsula and Alabama) and it turned out we were the most amicable of travel and climbing partners. The more we talked the more compelling the idea became. Leaving this spring was the obvious choice, as her contract would be up at the end of March. I would just up and quit my job. My last day was yesterday. :)

So here we are. Through this blog we will share our pictures, videos and experiences as we travel to about a billion climbing destinations.

The first leg of the journey will be a 4 month road trip heading southwest through Kentucky, Alabama and Arkansas on our way to Texas. From there we will meander our way north and west through the many awesome climbing destinations in the western States. By August we will make our way back to Ottawa and hopefully have some idea on where to go next.

We will probably be leaving sometime around the Easter weekend. Stay tuned....