Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We had to wait out a couple of more days of rain, spending a lot of time in the swanky cook shelter (complete with wood stoves) that our campground had. It was actually a pretty cool way to meet fellow travelers, and we met several with some interesting stories. Our favourite new friends were a family from Connecticut who had 3 awesome kids. Kristal and I had the best game ever of Lava Monster on the playground with them and my laptop is now covered with some awesome Star Wars LEGO stickers.

We eventually snagged another day of good weather and decided to check out Arches Provincial Park.

It's a cool scenic stop along the coast, and gave us a chance to finally go climbing again! It had been a full week since we were bouldering on Dover Island. The exposed faces dried quickly in the sun and the wind, but the rock is pretty fractured, so most of the holds underneath the arches were seeping heavily after all the recent rain. Still, it was nice to be climbing again and we had a fun day sending some easy problems.

Next up we hiked into West Brook Pond to get a closer look at the amazing glacier carved terrain that Gros Morne is famous for.

It was a beautiful hike, passing over bogs, marshes, streams, and a lot of pretty flowers.

That night we went for a run on the 4 km sandy beach beside our campground,

and were treated to yet another spectacular sunset.

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