Monday, July 18, 2011

July 11, 2011 - Part 2

It was turning out to be a pretty nice day, so we decided to do some more exploring instead of heading back to the lackluster campground we were staying at. We were driving through the traditional fishing village of Raleigh,

when we noticed the turnoff to Burnt Cape Ecological Park. There wasn't much information about it in the Newfoundland travel guide, other than some notes about rare plant species. Usually plants alone aren't enough to get us interested, but after some non-committal deliberation, we decided to check it out.

15 seconds later Kristal spied a seal sunning on a rock about 50 feet from the road. As we were driving onto the cape, I thought I spotted some whales just offshore. We parked the car and madly ran the few hundered meters down to the shoreline to see a pod of Minke whales casually passing by

and a couple of icebergs in the distance.

We spent the next 5 hours exploring of the western shore of the cape,

finding some amazing tide pools,

cool small sea caves,

and the largest sea cave we've ever seen.

We cooked dinner as the icebergs floated by, listening to the whales just offshore, watching the spray of another pod in the distance, and with the coast of Labrador sitting on the horizon.

It was such an amazing place, and we spent a lot of time hiking around enjoying the amazing terrain and views.

We stayed to watch the sunset. It was an awesome end to one of the most exciting days we've had on the trip.

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