Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Halfway Log Dump

We spent the last week at the northern end of the Bruce Peninsula, at a small bouldering area in Bruce National Park called Halfway Log Dump. It's a beautiful area with boulders right on the shore of Georgian Bay. Here are Kristal and  I among some of the boulders, photo courtesy of my brother Roman, from the top of the escarpment.

During our first few days there the weather proved to be all over the place, with quite a bit of rain and cold. Here is Kristal escaping the cold in style.

Despite the rain, which mostly fell at night, or in the early morning, the boulders dried out super fast and we were able to climb most days. The area isn't very large, but there are many quality problems. Here is Kristal on Queensnake, V2...

climbing Cliffbrake, V3...

and topping out the easy slab Whooping Crane, V0.

We were once again treated to the variety of life on the peninsula, with several encounters with turtles...



The carnivorous Pitcher Plant

and more amazing views...

Sunset over Cyprus Lake


  1. Hey Jason, great photos and story. This is Rick, still indoors at Corel. Question for you. As a volunteer for CPAWS-Ottawa Valley (, we're looking for photos (video would be better still) of snapping turtles. Pretty sure your turtle shot is of a snapper. Any chance we could use the full image as part of our A2A Species at Risk campaign? You (and/or Kristal) would get full credit for the the photo, of course.

    Looking forward to more stories.


    - Rick

  2. No problem Rick, just sent you an e-mail.