Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ups and Downs

We've been in Bishop now for just over two weeks, yet the end is still not in sight.  In some ways it is tempting to move on.  The long trad routes and warmer temps at Red Rocks beckon to us, but the list of problems we want to get on here seems to just keep growing!  There are so many awesome boulder problems here, it is easy to see why this is one of our favourite destinations.

In the last week we've had some ups and downs.  Our Ottawa crew lost a member, as Kelly's time with us sadly came to an end.  She flew back home to Ottawa a few days ago, but not before dispatching her hardest send here: Carrot Top, V3.

While working some problems in the area, we saw what has been the cutest scene of the entire trip.  A father was out bouldering with his kids, one of which was his tiny daughter, seen here making short work of what to us is a nice warmup problem.  To her it must feel like a ridiculous highball!

Kristal and I made another trip up to the awesome natural hot springs.  Thanks to the snowfall from the last storm she was able to put her cross country skis to use and make short work of the approach.

The views up there are pretty stunning.

We got on some more excellent problems, one of the most striking being Atari, V6.  It's got a pretty spicy landing, which makes the moves a bit exhilarating.  Here I am working on it (photo courtesy of Kelly).

Phil and JM spent more time working one of their projects, the excellent Soul Slinger, V9.  Here is Phil on the opening moves.

While the rest of the gang look on.

Unfortunately, a couple of days ago another storm system blew in, bringing more rain, snow and cold temperatures.

It chased us back into the motel for a couple of nights, but the next few days are looking good.  After two days off we are rested up again and good to go.  Can't wait to get back on the rock!

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