Monday, February 21, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Since our last post, it's gotten pretty chilly here.

Instead of suffering through cold weather camping, we've all splurged and moved into a motel (at least temporarily). I'm thoroughly enjoying life on the inside; internet, movies, digital monopoly and daily hot showers are such a luxury!

Despite a couple of snow storms, the bouldering has still been pretty great. Jason and I and the crew from Ottawa have spent a couple days in the Happys, working on projects and enjoying some easy high stuff. Here I am on Althea, V0.

Our friend Chance, trad climbing master, novice boulderer, also joined us. He seems to have taken to the bouldering pretty well; we even caught him brushing holds (photo courtesy of Kelly).

Today, we decided to brave the snow and head up to the Buttermilks. All the north facing problems were covered in snow and ice, but we still got on some great lines. Here's Phil on Saigon, V6:

 Kelly, mastering her highball skills on the Sunshine Boulder.

 Jason, showing us how friction slab is done on Yo! Basecamp, V0+.

 Me, on the painful crimps of the Leary Bard Arete, V5.

And JM working the moves on Bubba Gump, V10, while Karl spots attentively.


  1. Did you send the Leary Bard Arete? Give me some beta!

  2. No, but I'm optimistic. (Jason sent it, but his beta is useless if you're short). If I mangage to figure it out, I'll let you know. Better yet, you should meet us down here so we can both work on it!

  3. alright how many tries did it take to get the snowball photo?

  4. Not too many actually, maybe 6 or 7. Pure luck of course, your sister can't aim all that well.