Thursday, March 3, 2011

Will We Ever Leave?

Yup, we're still in Bishop.  The weather has improved considerably, making the nights more comfortable and the days pleasantly warm.  In the last few days we said goodbye to Karl, Phil and JM, who sadly had to head back to Ottawa.  But not before another couple of fun days of climbing with them.

Here is Kristal on the classic Heavenly Path, V1.

Phil, fully engaged on Toxic Avenger, V9.

And Phil and JM taking a break from said problem.

On their last day here we headed up to the Buttermilks.  Here is Kristal on an unnamed V0.

We all jumped on Bowling Pin, v4, with another large group of people.  The problem is pretty unique, in that it climbs about 10 feet of overhanging rock to a large comfortable ledge at the lip, followed by about 8 feet of thin, insecure, and somewhat scary slab to the top.  What ends up happening is most people hang out on the ledge for a while getting up the nerve to finish.  Phil was working the moves of a hard extension into it, and actually stuck the moves while one of the other climbers was sketching out before the slab.  Thankfully the other climber got up the nerve and topped out just as Phil was pulling on to the ledge.  It was pretty ridiculous, and somewhat frightening. Thanks to Denise for the picture!

For the last problem of the day, Phil and JM decided to pull on Evilution, V12.  Here is JM sticking the first move, with a lot of climbing left to go.

 It was really great to have the boys around.  We will miss you guys!

Incredibly though, the Ottawa group send fest will continue, as the day before the boys left, our friends Joe and Denise arrived from back home.  Here is Joe after sending the classic Solarium, V4.

Will we ever leave?  Time will tell.

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