Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Leaving Joshua Tree

Today was our last day at Joshua Tree.  Another week has gone by with more awesome climbing and bouldering.  We've pushed some of our climbing limits, and sent several boulder projects from last year.  Despite some chilly evenings, and some windy days, the weather has been pretty awesome.  Kristal's parents showed up a few days ago and once again joined in the fun.  I'll let the pictures do most of the talking...

Me leading Sail Away, 5.8-.

Kristal's dad Lyle, following Kristal up Toe Jam, 5.7.

Lyle has just started leading trad, and here he is on his first trad lead, Beginner's Two, 5.2.

We climbed it as two parties of two.  Here is Kristal leading it, being belayed by her mom.

Kristal on Junior, V0-.

Me on Piano Rock Crack, also V0-.

During one outing into the back country we found some cool gourds, and a LOT of tics, all over the place.  Most of the gourds were already dried up and hollowed out, but we did find a few still in one piece.  It was pretty strange finding these in the desert.

It's always hard to leave amazing destinations like Joshua Tree, but the time has come.  Tomorrow we leave for Bishop, where friends from Ottawa are already cranking hard.  We can't wait to join them!!


  1. Toe jam and sail away are soooo good!

    What did you guys think of beginners 2?

  2. Not bad for the grade, but the downclimb was harder than the way up!

  3. Might be in Bishop next weekend pending weather! Hope to see you guys!