Monday, June 28, 2010

Rest and Recovery

We spent our last day in Bishop bouldering at the Sads, and it was a sad day indeed. Both because were were about to leave and also because we could barely climb anything. We had been regularly climbing 3 or 4 days in a row between rest days and it was taking it's toll. We needed a break.

Luckily Kristal had already planned to fly home for the next weekend, so I took the opportunity to visit my friend Carol in San Diego. Most of my days were spent at the beach, enjoying the balmy weather. Life was rough.

Here's Carol running on the beach with their new puppy Beau.

Two random surfers making the most of the last bit of daylight.

We went kayaking on the ocean one day. Did I mention how rough life was.

Watching the cormorants diving for fish was pretty cool. I managed to snag of pic of one of them in mid dive.

I could definitely relate to the seals, lying around in the sun all day.

Kristal on the other hand had the pleasure of dealing with cancelled flights and sleeping in the airport in Chicago on the way home. I felt bad for her so when she returned we decided to take an extra day off so she could also enjoy some beach time. We drove up the coast through Los Angeles and spent a night camping outside of Malibu.

Here's a couple of stand up paddle boarders cruising on by.

Kristal enjoying a nice walk on the beach.

In the end we took 8 much needed days off. Refreshed and rejuvenated we were ready to get back on the rock. Next stop, somewhere in the High Sierras.......

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