Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Joshua Tree National Park - Part 2 - Life

Unlike a lot of the desert we encountered on our way here, and even the areas immediately surrounding it, Joshua Tree is beautiful. The cool rock formations dot the landscape like islands in the sea.

The desert plants are in full bloom.

Hummingbirds flit about, and ground squirrels terrorize the campers. Seriously, these little guys are relentless, and have unfortunately adapted to gnawing through all manner of containers to get to food and water.

And of course Joshua Trees themselves have got to be about the coolest looking tree I've ever seen, like some strange creature from a Dr. Suess story.

Evidence of the people that passed here before is all over the place. Pictographs, petroglyphs and grinding holes are easily found for anyone that cares to look. By the end of our stay we would pop into every cave we encountered, excited to catch a glimpse of the past. Super cool.

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