Saturday, June 26, 2010

Projects, Revelations and Classics


We spent two and half weeks in Bishop, mostly bouldering. It was nice to be in one place for so long (well, relative to all our other stops) because it gave us an opportunity to work on some problems for more than a day. Up until now we never really had a chance to have projects. If a problem didn't go on it's first few attempts, well, it would have to wait for the next trip.

Here's me throwing for the final hold on Iron Man V4. I gave this a go on each visit to the Buttermilks until it went on the third day.

After a few visits to the Happy's, Kristal managed to snag her first V5, Son of Claudius Rufus, below.


At the Catacombs we became enlightened in the art of arete climbing on The Church of the Lost and Found. Here I am on the right side of the arete, which goes at V1.

Climbing on the left side of the arete goes at V3. Throughout the entire trip, we'd been a bit stymied with aretes, and after a few pathetic attempts on the left side I thought the trend would continue. Then Kristal busted out with one of her occasional bits of beta wisdom, 'just start with the high right foot'. Boom, sent on the next attempt.


There are many (many!) amazing problems in Bishop. We spent a lot of the time chasing down problems that were highly rated in the guidebook....

Heavenly Path V1, an awesome featured slab with a little bit of height to spice things up.

Birthday Skyline V3, one of several awesome problems on the Birthday boulders.

Kristal after climbing Monkey Dihedral V2, contemplating the downclimb. Always make sure you know how to get down!

Here's me on one of the many nice problems on the Five and Dime boulder.

Kristal on an unnamed, easy slab, still super fun despite it's anonymity.

By the end of our stay in Bishop, we were pretty much climbed out. We'd been climbing pretty hard for the last two and a half months and the accumulated fatigue was starting to take it's toll. We were in need of a break. Next up, a week at the beach....

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  1. keep on writing J!
    the boulder with Heavenly Path looks amazing (chalk traces turn it into a leopard)
    -- Mixa