Monday, June 14, 2010

Leaving Las Vegas

We didn't spend a lot of time bouldering in Red Rocks due to my manky ankle. Climbing on it was fine, but I wasn't going to aggravate it with any more awkward falls. It wasn't much of a loss anyway. Although there is some good bouldering to be found, it pales in comparison to the epic trad climbing.

We checked out a couple of the many small bouldering areas spread throughout the area, but most of our effort was spent at the Kraft Boulders in Calico Basin. Here's me on the Poker Chips V0, a super fun jug haul.

And here's me getting set for the big move to the jug on one of the classics of the area, The Pearl V4.

In total we spent 11 days in Red Rocks, and got on some incredible multi-pitch trad lines. By far the tallest routes I have ever climbed, with some awesome feelings of exposure. I remember being terrified at the top of the first pitch of some nondescript trad route last year at the Gunks in New York. I look forward to going back sometime to see if anything has changed.

As much fun as the climbing was in Red Rocks we had to press on. Next up - Bishop, California - Bouldering Mecca. We've actually already been in Bishop for 2 weeks, and I've finally caught the blog up to where we actually are. I won't say much now other than this place is incredible. Here's a teaser, our new friend Phil and I getting ready to crush Iron Man V4 in the Buttermilks, with the Eastern Sierras in the background.

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