Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life on the Peninsula

We've climbed some super fun routes over the last few days. Here is Kristal hanging out the top of the escarpment at Cape Croker. Although it may not look like much of a cliff, the trees hide a surprising number of quality climbs.

Here I am leading Jojo 5.10c.

As impressive as the climbing has been, the beauty of the area has been even more so. I could do without the fields of Poison Ivy, the bushwhacking through dense foliage and the swarms of mosquitoes, but otherwise it seems every day we stumble upon some cool plant...

Lady Slipper


Red Spotted Newt

or view.

Vulture circling over Sydney Bay

The Bruce Trail, which runs roughly 800km, from Niagara Falls to Tobermory along the Niagara Escarpment, provides some amazing hiking, and often takes you to cool areas off the beaten path.

The beaches on the west side of the peninsula are also pretty amazing. Here I am running in search of deep water at Oliphant beach.

You have to wade out about 200 meters before the water even reaches your knees. Because it's so shallow the water is incredibly warm.

Even the seagulls, usually the most annoying bird on earth, provided some entertainment. Here are a couple who decided to do some synchronized squawking for us.

And if all that doesn't keep you satisfied, you can always go hang out with Wiarton Willie.


  1. Tobermory is a nice spot to visit.
    I remember a very cool grotto there.
    Watch for skinks and Missasauga rattlers.
    You should take in a dive on one of the many sunken ships.

  2. love the photo of the salamander!