Saturday, April 2, 2011

Status Quo

There's really not much to report since our last post.  We are still at Indian Creek, the weather has been great, and we have been climbing pretty much every day.

There has been some excitement, which luckily didn't amount to anything serious. One day our friend Cameron took a pretty scary ground fall, but he thankfully walked away from it with nothing more than a sore back. Another day our friend Sarah got a flat tire on the way to the crag and didn't have a spare.  Kristal drove her into Moab while me and the boys continued on to the Way Rambo wall.

Here is Cameron chilling out on a cool rock at the base of the wall.

The Way Rambo wall is stacked with great climbs.  Here is the cool looking roof with Serrator Crack 5.11- on the left and Layaway Plan 5.11+ on the right.

Matt did most of the climbing that day, as the rest of us were in various states of rest and recovery.  Here he is climbing Serrator Crack, just as it was getting into the sun.

And again on The Monk, 5.10.

Later in the afternoon Sarah and Kristal returned from their mission in town, and Sarah proceeded to warm up on the incredible Slice and Dice 5.12.

It was amazing to try such an awesome climb on top rope.  Thanks Sarah!

The weather is looking a bit more unpredictable for the next little while, but hopefully we'll get a few more good climbing days in before we decide to move on.


  1. I think cameron might be doing more than just chilling out :)

  2. I miss you guys already!! I hope you're having good luck with weather in CO! It's been cloudy here, but turning for the better! My creek toe still needs a little rest from cracks, but i'm heading back to the creek tonight!! :)