Friday, April 22, 2011

The End of Colorado

For the last week, the weather in Colorado has been, well, subideal. With nothing but more rain and wind in the forecast, we reluctantly decided it might be time to start heading east. However, I refused to go without first climbing one of the Flatirons, these awesome looking sandstone slabs that tower over Boulder, Co. (For the record this stubborn behaviour is completely uncharacteristic, I swear). Despite his better judgment and the rather questionable weather forecast, I coerced Jason into going out. From the parking lot, the sky looked clear and the climbing inviting.

The first couple of pitches offered easy, but pretty runnout slab climbing.

But at the top of the second pitch, we started to get a bit nervous. The wind picked up, there was thunder in the distance, the sky didn't look too good and I began to think that maybe Jason had been right after all.

We passed the slower party ahead of us and made a run for the summit. Here's Nick and Tara at the top of the fourth pitch.

Thankfully, the storm passed us by and the view from the summit was well worth the anxiety.

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