Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Creek

Ah, Indian Creek, home to some of the most incredible cracks you will ever find.  We have been here for a week now, and are slowly becoming accustomed to the style of climbing required to make it up some of these beauties.  Here is Kristal at the top of her first clean lead of our current visit, an unnamed 5.10 hand crack.

Granted, we still have a heck of time getting up some climbs.  But we are well versed in all the tricks, from gratuitous hang dogging to flat out aid climbing.  Of course the most effective way of jumping on hard stuff is to get yourself a 'rope gun'.  It's pretty easy to make friends at the crags, many of whom are willing to climb hard stuff and leave a top rope for you to use.  So far we've had the pleasure of climbing routes that have been led by Mike, Scott, Emil, some Spanish dudes and Sarah.

Here is Emil leading Way Rambo, 5.12-.

The real crux of the last week though has been the weather, which has usually been at least one of the following: cold, windy, rainy or snowy.  And occasionally all of the above.

It hasn't actually been bad enough to prevent us from being able to climb on most days, but it doesn't really make for enjoyable conditions.

A day may start out nice...

View from Way Rambo, 10:00am

And end up like this...

View from Way Rambo, 4:00pm

We got off our climb just as the above storm hit us, and ended up getting drenched on the hike back to the car.  Thankfully the last two days have been really nice, and hopefully the trend will continue.

Regardless of the weather, this place is pretty incredible.

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