Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We spent the last two days bouldering at Stone Fort (aka Little Rock City) outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Stone Fort is a pretty unique destination in that it is on the property of a golf course. It's pretty odd to see prim and proper golfers and dirtbag climbers sharing the same venue. The rock is sandstone and our tips are pretty shot after two long and awesome days on the rock.

Here's a shot of the course behind the clubhouse. The boulders are in the woods on the left.

Proof that at least the management of the place has accepted climbers into the fold...

Kristal in a cool hueco.

Me on Tri-Star, an awesome V4 crack.

Kristal on Dragon Back, a really cool V1 feature climb.

Kristal on Mizzen Mast V1, a cool lip traverse.

On the way back to the campground we stopped at a swanky reclaimed industrial area that has been turned into yuppie central. The place makes Westboro look like a trailer park. We stopped in at the organic grocery store, pictured below (complete with reserved low emission vehicle parking). It was like going to the zoo to look at all the new age hippies. I almost got trampled by a herd of soccer moms with yoga mats as we were leaving. Luckily there were some fast food joints a couple of blocks away. It was nice to be back in the real 'Merica.

Today we are heading to Rocktown, another sandstone gem, where we will be back country camping. No more internet from the tent, :(, so it might be a while for the next update.


  1. The clubhouse 'facilities' were pretty basic. I'm guessing if it was a real swanky course they wouldn't be letting us in.