Friday, April 16, 2010

Invasion of the Ticks

The last few days saw us fending off an unprecedented attack of ticks. I actually had one latch onto my back (gross), found one crawling on my arm, and saw three others crawling on the tent. We were camping out in the actual, honest to goodness woods near Rocktown. It's another awesome southern sandstone destination just outside of Lafayette, Georgia. Despite it's relative remoteness, there are several camping areas with unserviced sites that are mostly used by hunters. So we still found an awesome place to put up our mansion. Here is Kristal preparing dinner.
The climbing is really nice, with a healthy percentage of overhanging hardness. Our tips were still in pretty rough shape from Stone Fort, so we went into full skin management mode. At one
point Kristal had all of her fingers taped.

Here is Kristal getting set for the big throw for the lip on Left El Bano V2.

Me on Triple Slaps V3, featuring 3 awesome huecos and some pretty cool moves.

The Orb, a ridiculous free standing rock with a lot of cool problems.

Kristal on (I can't remember the name) V3, a cool flake traverse to a cool topout.

Me on the top of Soap on a Rope V4.

Kristal on some fun and easy unknown face climb.

And nothing like ending the day on 20 feet of V6 slab. Needless to say this is about as high as we got.
I also managed to spend some time fiddling with my new camera. Here's long exposure shot of the boulderers next door to us.

Today was a travel day and we are now at Horse Pens 40. More on that in the next post but I just have to say that although it was pretty sweet to be camping out in the middle of nowhere it is really nice to be somewhere with water, showers, boulders 100 feet from the tent, no bugs and most of all, no ticks.


  1. Is that a plane or a shooting star in the top left quadrant of your long exposure?

  2. My initial thought was that it was a satellite, but it could be a plane. The exposure was 30 seconds, so probably not a shooting star.