Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Fold

Before leaving the Canmore area, there was one more big climb on our list, The Fold up Mount Kidd.  It climbs the obvious thin rib feature in the middle of the picture below.

The first time we attempted to climb it the weather wasn't looking all that great, so we bailed and went sport climbing instead.  On our second attempt the weather was much more favourable.  The climb was spectacular, with a mix of impeccable solid limestone and a bit of poor quality rock.  Here is Kristal eating lunch in front of some of the well textured solid rock.

And here she is about halfway up.

As usual the views from the top were amazing.

The rappel off the top was one of the more exciting we've done, requiring some faith in the existence of bolts and a full 33 meter free hanging rap.

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