Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sport Vultures

The last week has been interesting for sure, and a bit of a departure from our recent routine.  For one thing, the weather hasn't been super co-operative.  We've often seen views like this.

Which was taken while climbing with Kristal's brother and parents, and surprisingly we didn't actually get rained out.  But otherwise, the threat of inclement weather has resulted in us going single pitch sport climbing more than usual.  Which has been pretty fun.  And in three days of sport climbing around the Canmore area we have bootied 3 whole quickdraws.  This has caused us to jokingly give ourselves the nickname of 'Sport Vultures', swooping in to retrieve the abandoned gear of climbers who bail, and don't have the wherewithal to just leave a booty biner.

We also helped out Kristal's aunt and uncle in Calgary, who were on vacation (ha!), and we spent most of the week living in the suburbs looking after their dog and two children.  It was nice to get another little break and live on the inside for a while, and we all spent a fun day at the Calgary Zoo.

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