Friday, June 29, 2012


We had originally planned to spend some time climbing in the Tetons, but after coming out of the Wind River Range we decided we'd satiated our need to go alpine climbing, and we needed a break from long approaches. It was time to go sport climbing!

Our friend Trish highly recommended that we go check out Ten Sleep Canyon while we were in Wyoming.  In her words, 'we would fall in love with sport climbing'. I'm not sure that happened, but the climbing was incredibly fun, and we spent 3 days climbing many classic routes on the heavily featured limestone. We got a bit lazy as far as taking pictures goes. The canyon is quite pretty (only slightly marred by the highway running through it) but after climbing at the Cirque of the Towers the views just didn't seem all that epic. Here is Kristal rapping off of  one of the classic routes - The Eldorado Coral Club.

On the hike out one evening a couple of burrowing owls emerged from the brush and started to freak out at us. It was a bit creepy the way they just kind of swayed in place all puffed up clucking at us.

After three days of cranking hard we were pretty sore, and it was time to move on. We had to get up to Calgary to catch a plane back to Toronto for the long weekend. One of Kristal's friends is getting married and Kristal is in the wedding party. It will be good to take a bit of a break, to let our various aches and pains heal.

We had time for one more quick stop in Montana, at Gallatin Canyon outside of Bozeman. We made a quick ascent of the Standard Route 5.8+ up Gallatin Tower. With a super short approach and only 300 feet of climbing we were up and down and on the road again before noon.  Here is Kristal following up the second pitch.

The view from the top.

Random nothingness during the drive through Montana.

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