Friday, June 1, 2012

Bishop - Climbing

We've spent so much time in Bishop on previous trips that it almost felt a bit like coming home when we rolled in last week.  It was nice to get on some of our favourite problems again.  Here is Kristal on the always classic Heavenly Path V1.

It was unseasonably cool during our first couple of days here, so we even managed to send some outstanding projects.  Here I am preparing for the slabby topout of Bowling Pin V4.

And Kristal on her way to the committing topout of King Tut V3.

Sadly, the cool weather didn't last, and it soon became baking in the valley.  We escaped to the mountains to climb West Face 5.10a on Cardinal Peak.  It was an awesome climb, and at 9000 feet in elevation considerably cooler than the valley.  Here is Kristal following up the 3rd pitch.

And the views were pretty awesome.

We also stumbled on some undocumented problems just down the road from where we were camping in the tablelands, and spent a couple of evening sessions climbing some really fun moderate problems.


  1. Hey Guys! Glad to hear you on are the road again and crushing. If your planning on making a stop in Colorado, let me know. I can't really offer a bed, but I have a hot shower that is always available. Cameron is back from Saudi for the summer and working in Huntsville, Alabama, so if you are going through the south you might hit him up as well.

    Matt (half of the Texas crew)

  2. I hope that the bush below heavenly path is hiding a discretely placed pad.