Sunday, December 19, 2010

Home for the Holidays

Our Fall trip has sadly come to an end. We hit the road right after climbing our last day at Stone Fort, and drove straight back to southern Ontario. We will spend a few weeks over the holidays visiting friends and family, enjoying the comforts of living on the inside, and recharging our batteries for the next leg of the trip.

Although low temperatures make for great friction, the inescapable cold does tend to wear you down. Especially when you spend most of the day dressed like this.

It was nice to be back home, and Kristal took advantage of a quick stop at my Parent's to learn some of my Mom's Christmas cookie recipes. If only we could easily make these while on the road!

The trip was once again incredible, highlighted by the many awesome climbs we did in southern Utah. In just over 3 months we traveled 19356 km, visited 30 destinations in 12 different provinces and states, and spent 60 days climbing.

Due to the prevelence of chilly weather we spent quite a bit more time bouldering this time around. For those interested in the stats, this is how it broke down...

We spent 20 days trad climbing, during which we climbed 40 routes with a combined total of 84 pitches. The longest route was 10 pitches and over 1000 feet. The hardest was in the 5.11 range (although grades at Indian Creek don't really mean the same as they do elsewhere).

We spent 39 days bouldering, during which I sent 511 problems, maxing out at V7.

We spent a whopping 1 day sport climbing, in which we climbed 16 routes ranging in difficulty from 5.1 (yes, we actually found, and bothered to climb, a 5.1 sport route) to 5.10c.

In the new year we will hit the road once again, heading south and then back west. A large contingent of Ottawa climbers is heading to Bishop, California in February, and we look forward to meeting up with them there. In the meantime we probably wont be updating the blog. Check back in early January to see what we're up to.

As the sun has set on another leg of our awesome adventure, we wish you all the best for the festive season. Happy Holidays!

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