Monday, December 13, 2010


Our return to Chattanooga would be greeted with mostly clear skies, and a chill in the air. With highs hovering just above freezing, it would make for some cold days, but unrivaled friction on the rock.

We spent 3 days bouldering at Stone Fort (aka Little Rock City), taking advantage of the perfect conditions to go on a sending spree. Here I am Storming the Castle V1.

Perhaps no climbing hold benefits more from crisp, chilly conditions than the sandstone sloper. Here I am riding The Wave V6, a problem that felt impossible in the relative heat when we visited in April, but went with ease this trip.

Kristal is always looking for cracks to climb, to hone her already considerable crack climbing skill. Here she is executing a bomber, even if completely unnecessary, fist jam to throw for the lip on an unnamed V3.

Here she is again on the fun Dragon Traverse V0.

And on the insecure feeling Fire Crack Flake V1.

Here I am going for broke on Block and Tackle V2, by far the tallest face I've climbed without a rope.

Kristal also sent her first V6, named Fortune. Go Kristal! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of her on it, but here I am rocking onto its slabby topout.