Sunday, June 22, 2014

Another Summer, Another Road Trip

As the long winter ended and the weather began to improve, it was time once again to think about what is becoming our annual summer road trip. We didn't really have a plan this year, other than to 'head out west'. We still don't have much of a plan.  We're aiming to make it to Lethbridge in early July to visit family.

We decided that the weather in Wyoming looked good, so our first stop is Vedauwoo, home of burly off width climbing and painful granite. We've only been here for a couple of days so we're just getting into the swing of things (not to mention acclimatizing to the altitude).  We also seem to have lost our small camera, so haven't got any pictures of any roped climbing yet. The crack climbing is pretty awesome though!

In the meantime, here are some bouldering pics. Some of the boulders are covered in cool inclusions that make for some super fun climbing.

Kristal contemplating the next moves on The Generic Scoop V3.

Getting ready for some easy (and not so easy) warm ups.

Me taking the inclusions for a ride on an unnamed V0.

Despite reasonable temps the sun is blazing hot, so finding shade is a must.

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