Thursday, April 18, 2013

The New

The New River Gorge has long been on our list of places to climb, but up until this road trip a visit here just hasn't worked out.  We've been here for a week now, and we've climbed every day since we arrived.

The routes here are mostly single pitch, with a good mix of sport and trad, that climb a short cliff band running along the top of the gorge.  Getting to the top of a route often gives you a stunning view of the New River or the impressive New River Gorge Bridge.

Not surprisingly we've been mostly seeking out the awesome crack climbs. Here is our new friend Martin leading the impressive New Fangled Dangle 5.11a.

Kristal at the top of the first half splitter crack of Ritz Cracker 5.9.

Me heading up Springboard 5.10b.

The weather has been hit and miss, with scattered showers and some hot weather for the last few days.  Thankfully there are so many routes here that there always seems to be at least something that can be climbed.  Even in the pouring rain, some routes are capped by enormous roofs that keep them dry.

Though the hot weather doesn't make for optimal climbing conditions, it does make cooking and camping much more comfortable.  Kristal has been making some awesome meals, including this delicious chicken Quinoa salad with freshly baked Bruschetta.

We've really been putting our new camp stove oven to a lot of use. I even managed to bake a cake for Kristal's birthday with it.


  1. great pics, love the one with the bridge and the fog rising up from under it.
    your dinner shots are making me hungry


  2. You guys are so awesome! We are starting a little road trip tomorrow and we will be going to Joe's and then heading towards you, I think (Stone Fort, the Red)! Where are the next couple places you will be?