Monday, May 14, 2012


Our first real stop in Arizona was at The Overlook, which is a short cliff of basalt columns overlooking the spectacular Oak Creek Canyon. 

It's also a common stop for tourists, who come by to check out the views. Thankfully the tourists seldom venture from the actual overlook, so, despite being only a couple of hundred meters away, it still felt reasonably isolated, and we didn't have to endure the usual tourist questions. We only spent one day there, but got on a few really nice (and pretty burly!) climbs.

Our next stop was Groom Creek, just outside of Prescott, where we enjoyed a few days of quality granite bouldering. One of the highlights was when a group of 5th graders, who were on an overnight field trip at a nearby camp, came by and hung out with us for about half an hour. They were super excited to meet 'real rock climbers', and were amazed that we were on a 4 month camping trip.  It was pretty cool to answer all their questions and pretty entertaining to hear them talk about their trip.

Here I am on The Bolt, V0+.

Kristal on The Bolt Arete, V0.

Me on the excellent, and committing, Space Lord, V2.

Kristal on some fun easy unnamed slabs.

And some token scenery shots...

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