Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Before leaving Joe's Valley we finally got some better weather, although it was still bitterly cold at night. We spent two more days there, finishing up some projects and jumping on as many classic lines as we could. We got some pictures of a few of them.

Here I am on The Angler V2.

Kristal on Cave Man V4, a super fun problem that traverses out of a cave and up a cool overhanging arete.

Here I am just about to finish up The Buoux Crack V2, a committing problem if there ever was one.

Much of the scenery around Joe's Valley is pretty cool too. Here is a detached pillar from the cliff line overlooking the Area 51 boulders.

From Joe's we went back to Triassic and spent a day bouldering. We were pretty impressed with the quality of problems there. Here is Kristal on one of several great warm up problems on this wall.

We didn't have any sort of guide of the area. It was fun to jump on unknown stuff and just see how it went. Here is Kristal midway through an awesome unknown traverse problem.

Afterwards, through the miracle of the internet, we were able to figure out what some of the problems we climbed were. Here is Kristal midway up Golden V1.

And me topping it out.

And here I am on Desp'arete' V7, an incredibly reachy, and incredibly awesome, overhanging arete.

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