Monday, October 11, 2010

Leaving Leavenworth

We didn't take any pictures of actually climbing Outer Space, or even the cliff itself, which is why I didn't include any in the last post. But we did get a few incidental photos.

Here is the friendly mountain goat who hung out with us at the bottom. We named him Gaston.

Here I am at 10:30pm, when we finally made it back to the base of the cliff to get our stuff.

And me the next day, showing off our brand new free Metolius Master Cams, complete with mini biners!

We spent a couple of more days around Leavenworth bouldering.

Here is Kristal on Sunny and Steep V2.

And again on The Hesitator V2, a very aptly named problem. Here she is about 12 feet off the deck, at the comfortable rest just before the crux. Needless to say most people hang out there for a while before mustering up the nerve to finish.

We spent 8 awesome days in Leavenworth, 6 of them bouldering or climbing. We could have easily stayed longer, but, as always, other destinations awaited. Before we left we decided to go downtown once more to enjoy the festivities.

And of course one more stop at the Friends of the Library book sale. The selection had become pretty grim, but they were practically giving them away. We picked up another 7 books, some of highly dubious quality, for a whopping 1 dollar.

We also wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! Last night we celebrated as best we could. Even though we've been camping out in the woods, in middle of nowhere Montana, for a couple of days, Kristal still managed to cook us a Turkey dinner. Delicious!

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