Monday, September 6, 2010

On The Road Again

It was nice to be back home for a couple of weeks, sleeping in a bed and hanging out with friends again. I took a trip down to what is still one of my favourite bouldering spots, McKenzie Pond in the Adirondacks, with a large contingent of Ottawa climbers.

I also went up to Lac Boisseau, a cool little sport climbing destination in Quebec, with Mixa and Travis. Here is Travis leading the super fun Viagra Crimpy Monkey Slap 5.11c.

I made it out for lunch with the old 'Friday Lunch' gang from Corel. Here you go guys! It was awesome seeing you again.

I was planning to stay in Ottawa a bit longer, but there was a lack of manpower back home on the farm. I headed down for a couple of days to help take off the hay and extract some honey. Kristal was dying of boredom in London so decided to stop by a bit early. Little did she know she would also get roped into doing some work.

But the road was calling us, so, after an 18 day break from the last trip, we were off. This time we were heading more or less directly west to the coast, with our first major destination being Squamish, British Columbia. Despite the amount of driving in front of us, I managed to convince Kristal to take the long way north around the great lakes instead of cutting through the States. We also decided we would take our time and see some sights on the way.

Highlights of Northern Ontario included the enormous Geese sculptures in Wawa.

Kristal was also a big fan of the Winnie the Pooh display in White River. This was where Lt. Harry Coleburn purchased the black bear cub he named Winnie, which would later become the inspiration to the beloved children stories.

The north shore of Lake Superior is also quite spectacular.

We made quick work of Ontario, making it most of the way through by the end of the second day. One of the goals of driving through northern Ontario was to see a moose, but sadly, despite the taunting of hundreds of road signs, it was not to be.

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