Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Snake vs Squirrel!!

The most exciting thing we saw in the valley was not El Capitan, Half Dome, The Lost Arrow Spire, Midnight Lightning or the Waterfalls. Nope, it was this...

These guys had a showdown when they crossed paths. It was quite the standoff for a couple of minutes, but it ended in a draw and they went their separate ways. It was pretty interesting. The squirrel was frantically waving it's tail back and forth, I figured in an attempt to make itself look bigger. We later learned adult squirrels will eat and rub shed snake skin into their tails in an effort to confuse the rattlers, and hopefully dissuade the snakes from trying to eat their young.

Oh yeah, all the other things I mentioned about the valley are pretty awesome too....

El Capitan.

Us in awe of El Capitan.

Bridalveil Falls. 617 feet high!

Below you can see the top of Yosemite Falls to the left. A bit right of center you can see the Lost Arrow Spire, slightly detached from the main cliff. Highliners often set up a slackline from the top of the spire to the main cliff. Crazy exposure!

Half Dome.

We look forward to returning to the valley at some point when the weather is more condusive to climbing (and there aren't so many tourists). In the meantime, our next stop was Lover's Leap, just outside of Lake Tahoe...

Credit to Kristal's Dad for some of the above pictures. Thanks Lyle!


  1. did you see some slackliners on lost arrow spire dude?

  2. I was hoping to see one set up, but nope, I didn't see any.