Sunday, May 16, 2010

Off the Beaten Path

We only spent 4 days in Hueco. We've been blowing through these early destinations pretty quickly, in an effort to get through the rest of the desert areas before the heat of the summer starts. Our next major destination is Joshua Tree, but we decided to make a couple of short stops on the way. In Red River Gorge we met Victoria, a fellow road tripper who recommended we check out City of Rocks in New Mexico. Since it wasn't too far off our route we decided to stop in for a couple of hours. It's a really cool set of rock formations in an otherwise stark landscape.

One awesome thing about this place is that the camp sites are nestled right among the boulders.

There's no info (as far as we know) about problems, but sometimes it's awesome to just putter around and enjoy the freedom of making up your own. It's certainly a cool stop if you are travelling through the area. Here's Kristal on one of the erratics.

Despite the lure of the camping we decided to forge on to a place called Oak Flats, an hour east of Phoenix, Arizona. With some awesome free camping and a seemingly endless supply of rock we could have spent days there. In the end we only spent one, taking a quick sample of what it had to offer. We only snapped a few pics, as we were too busy enjoying the many fun problems we got on. Here's me on a nice pumpy overhang problem, one of many excellent problems on this face.

And here's a cool overhanging arete I got on.

Most of bouldering we did was nestled in this small valley, which is only a small part of what is available there.

Hopefully we can spend more time in beautiful places like these, enjoying the hidden gems and areas off the beaten path.

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